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Dapper Champagne

It is wedding season and i was looking for the perfect suit to go to my cousin’s wedding. I decided to wear that champagne color suit is because i wanted to wear something different and that pop. Here’s how i wear my suit , i mix it up with this vintage bow tie from topman and the tux shirt.It is always exciting to atend those events i really had a great time there and it was really worth it.

Driving Cloves


Why wear driving gloves?
Sure, they might seem a bit antiquated, but driving gloves are a lot more common than you think. Leather driving gloves offer both protection and comfort for your hands when behind the wheel.

They’re also a bold fashion statement.

Back in the day, everyone wore driving gloves. Ever wonder why the storage compartment in your dashboard is called the glove box? During the time of Model T’s and roofless Studebakers at the start of the 20th century, automobiles were very different from modern cars. Drivers had to wear hats, goggles, andyou guessed it.driving gloves, to protect them from dust, wind, and rain.

In the modern age, just about every car on the road has a roof to protect the driver. It’s why gloves aren’t necessary for all people. However, driving gloves do come in handy in the right circumstances.




Happy Valentine’s day to everyone! hope you enjoyed it with your loved ones.
mine was great, had fun here’s a taste of outfit for that day.

blazer @asos

pants @topman

shirt @uniqlo

shoes @zara

socks @unsimplytitched

pocket square @hm


With this post I wanted to take it way back, back when men used to wear sleeve garters. As it happens, sleeve garters has a history that’s much more about function than fashion. Back in the 19th century, shirts came in one size. Extra large. Because the shirt was considered an undergarment, no thought was given to its fit on a man’s body, since nobody was ever likely to see it. Shirts were sized roughly according to neck circumference and shoulder-width, but everything else was measured and made to be as accommodating as possible. This included shirtsleeves. Prior to the arrival of the modern shirt that we know today, shirtsleeves were all made and measured to be extra-long. This way, they would fit the largest man in comfort. But if you weren’t the largest man, shirtsleeves would be too long which is why sleeve garters were created.

There was a time where almost every well-dressed man owned at least one pair and kept them on his dressing-table. Made of elastic material, sleeve-garters were worn on a man’s shirtsleeves, just above the elbow. They worked by holding back the extra sleeve-material that would otherwise cascade down a man’s arms and prevent his hands from doing any useful work. They were also handy for holding a man’s shirtsleeves back to keep his sleeves and cuffs from getting dirty. My sleeve gathers are gold and I got them from Reclaimed Vintage. Feeling like Denzel for the day, this is my way of styling them. Enjoy!


Just a little suit and tie combo with lapel pin and pocket square. I am greatful to get contacted by a couple business people and i have been received some gifts so here is what i come up with so far. and go check these people out they have great socks , lapel pins , accessories , clothes ect…and the have great price with discount
every week.

lapel pin IG:@Wearlapelpins
socks: IG:@Bedfordbroome

Kool OverCoat

Happy New Year to everyone i am wishing everyone to have a successful year and stay healthy. this is how my new year started with a combo of plaid blazer and the overcoat from asos. Let me know how do you feel about it.