Making a statement with a key item is one of the easiest ways to achieve such individuality, but it can also be a dangerous game to play. Get it wrong and the consequences can be dire but get it right and you have an outfit that few others could even dream of. Plaid Blazers are really in style right now , I think everyone can wear one but you have to find the right color the match you perfectly so you won’t pay the price of committing a fashion faux pas. but confidence therefore is the key  you really have to want to wear a statement plaid  blazer and be totally comfortable with it. It might be worth working your way up the color scale, building up the tones as you become acquainted with what works and what does not.

slim fit plaid Blazer=Topman

Pocket square=H&M

slim fit white botton up shirt= H&M

slim fit photograph pants= Express

Black Loafer= Topman

Bag=Ted Baker

Black Belt= Tommy Hilfiger

watch= Micheal Kors


















































































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